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In the Beginning

Before Skorn was shaped there was nothing.   Before Skorn was shaped there was no-one.   Before Skorn was shaped there was Ellanna, alone in the wild heavens.   Through the dark she drifted, aimless and unthinking.   Through immeasurable ages and across uncounted miles, until there stirred in her a dream of what might be.   And she gathered herself and took shape in the void, like a woman in form but vaster than many worlds.    Spreading her new-formed hands through space she swept into them the drifting dust, and moulded it into a ball between her fingers and breathed on the ball and set it free.   Again and again she tumbled new dustballs out into the clearing heavens, and they shone as bright stars against the new-swept black of night.

Now Ellanna reached her arms above her head and cried aloud the first Shaping Word:  “Akana!”  She began to circle around and around so that a great space of the firmament was enclosed by her whirling form.   And as she spun there grew a brightness within the curve of her body that drove back the new clear darkness.   From her throat came the second Shaping Word ‑ “Darana!”  She ceased her whirling, and turned away from the yellow sun that hung now in space,  swimming through the vastness like a porpoise through the Further Sea and, as she swam, there clustered behind her feet many small fragments of dust that had fallen between her fingers as she crafted the stars.

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A long journey………

Eventually the wind slackened a little and their approach to the coast of Sebrid altered the run of the waves under the hull. But before Ilo could take advantage of this, the sail eluded his efforts, tore loose, and flapped about their heads for a moment before breaking free and disappearing into the distance. The boat swung round violently several times while they struggled to stay aboard. Perian looked up.
“Ilo! The cliffs! We’re drifting in!”
Ilo stood up, the boat drove against the rock, and Perian found himself in the sea while all around him wood splintered on stone. He had one glimpse of Ilo tossing in the water, then he himself was hurled against the tumbled boulders at thefoot of the cliff. He managed to cling to the slippery surface while the waves lashed over him. Gradually he worked his way further out of the water and onto the strip of higher rocks that huddled close against the cliff. He looked at the foaming water breaking against the shore.
“Ilo! Ilo!”
“Here! Over here!”
Perian swung round and saw the boy clinging to a part of the shattered hull, some way off-shore. The tide was carrying him in.
“Hang on, lad! Hang on!”
Perian scrambled down to the edge of the water and he and Ilo stretched out their arms towards each other, but the sea held them apart until one kindly wave swelled up beneath Ilo and carried him within Perian’s reach. The king heaved his friend to safety, and they fell to the ground at the foot of the towering cliff.

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