In the Beginning

Before Skorn was shaped there was nothing.   Before Skorn was shaped there was no-one.   Before Skorn was shaped there was Ellanna, alone in the wild heavens.   Through the dark she drifted, aimless and unthinking.   Through immeasurable ages and across uncounted miles, until there stirred in her a dream of what might be.   And she gathered herself and took shape in the void, like a woman in form but vaster than many worlds.    Spreading her new-formed hands through space she swept into them the drifting dust, and moulded it into a ball between her fingers and breathed on the ball and set it free.   Again and again she tumbled new dustballs out into the clearing heavens, and they shone as bright stars against the new-swept black of night.

Now Ellanna reached her arms above her head and cried aloud the first Shaping Word:  “Akana!”  She began to circle around and around so that a great space of the firmament was enclosed by her whirling form.   And as she spun there grew a brightness within the curve of her body that drove back the new clear darkness.   From her throat came the second Shaping Word ‑ “Darana!”  She ceased her whirling, and turned away from the yellow sun that hung now in space,  swimming through the vastness like a porpoise through the Further Sea and, as she swam, there clustered behind her feet many small fragments of dust that had fallen between her fingers as she crafted the stars.

Read more in;

Jan Hawke – DREAMLESS ROADS – a fantasy anthology.  9780992747244.
Magic always happens for a reason, wherever and however it is created. Inside the fantasy, or springing from it…


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