Monthly Archives: May 2015

Entering the Blogosfear

So nobody is paying much attention to my blog pages/posts.

This in spite of the elegant prose in the first two offerings!  It’s enough to make a writer hang up her quill pen.

However it’s glaringly obvious even to an old dinosaur such as I that no-one’s going to come in here if I don’t.  So how to make myself Blog? How to attract interest in the wonderful world of Skorn?

Jerry Jan 2015 3

Well here’s a nice picture of my cat, that seems to help on most sites.  There’ll be a cat in one of the most dramatic events in Shadows of the Trees when it comes out, but this is really reaching.

Why can I write anything except, it seems, Blogposts?  You should see my to-do lists, they’re outstanding.

Heck, it’s coffee-time – hope there’s loads of advice when I come back.