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Facebook page

Eluth Publishing, the home of Skorn, now has its own Facebook page.


Come over and join the discussions, learn more about Skorn, meet other fantasy fiction fans!


Entering the Blogosfear

So nobody is paying much attention to my blog pages/posts.

This in spite of the elegant prose in the first two offerings!  It’s enough to make a writer hang up her quill pen.

However it’s glaringly obvious even to an old dinosaur such as I that no-one’s going to come in here if I don’t.  So how to make myself Blog? How to attract interest in the wonderful world of Skorn?

Jerry Jan 2015 3

Well here’s a nice picture of my cat, that seems to help on most sites.  There’ll be a cat in one of the most dramatic events in Shadows of the Trees when it comes out, but this is really reaching.

Why can I write anything except, it seems, Blogposts?  You should see my to-do lists, they’re outstanding.

Heck, it’s coffee-time – hope there’s loads of advice when I come back.