Winter Trees

Rosemary Trees
(c) Rosemary Wilman Hon FRPS

The trees reflect my sister-in-law’s photographic genius rather than the scene outside my window.  Here it is a little brighter than yesterday – indeed the cat has just been out for ten whole minutes, so it must be quite nice!

Why the fuss about the weather?  It shows my preoccupations differ enormously from those big corporations who keep boasting online about how they are staying open to sell people things they don’t want or need right up until Christmas. (Employees getting double time? I do wonder.)  Frankly I find my own interests narrowing just now – will I get everything into the boot, will the weather/roads be dreadful on my Christmas journeys, will the incredibly aged cat survive another stay at the cattery (the are wonderful and caring, but he is ridiculously old and frail.)

Yes I do want you all to buy my books and recommend them to your friends – here’s my Amazon Author page.  But when I am away on any holiday, I do not take a device with me, do not check my emails, do not aggressively market my wares.  OK, I’m getting on a bit, but however old or young you are, you need a break.  Take one.


One thought on “Winter Trees

  1. Reblogged this on Jan Hawke INKorporated and commented:
    Those trees are GORGEOUS! 😀

    Have a great break with your family m’dear – it’ll be lovely to take a nice break and let the cyberworld spin on its own for a while (although I’ll be sneaking on to play some games on the eAdvent Calendar! ;-))


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