So here it is

2016.  As usual with New Year’s Day, it seems definitely anti-climactic.  Not even sure if it’s Friday or what, there’s no post so isn’t it Sunday?

And it’s already 12.15 p.m, yet I’ve not written a word of that article, that novel, or my promised reviews.  How feeble – surely once I’ve written them on a list they should be done in a flash of white light?

Ah, lists – that’s where the time is going.  Writing and consolidating lists.  But I’m getting on a bit, I need to write everything down if I’m to have hope of remembering to do anything. No thanks, I don’t want to use electronic organising, even if i do upgrade my tech skills as I hope to do.  My husband gave me my Filofax, and it will always be with me.  I’ve just had my 3rd Christmas without him, and it still seems unreal.

Andrew focus

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