Still raining.

Moreover, people have rained on my writerly parade. I followed my plan this morning of starting to rework a projected article on the basis of some peer-reviews. Mostly helpful suggestions, but one so bitterly dismissive I now feel as if I’ve been standing in the rain for hours! What happened to politeness? When I peer-review or privately edit people’s work, I always emphasise the good and suggest improvements.  I don’t feel I have the right to perch on high and make snide remarks.

End of today’s complaint. Must go and cuddle the cat.

Jerry Jan 2015 3

2 thoughts on “Still raining.

  1. There’s a difference between giving constructive criticism and the destructive kind… The latter is almost always attributable to envy and resentment, whether or not you’re ‘close’ to the git who did this to you. It’s also unprofessional to dress it up as a bona fide review – if you didn’t like it and can’t take the trouble to say why politely and cohesively, then don’t bother to do it at all!
    Jerry’s looking great BTW – very cuddle-able! 😀

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    1. Thanks Jan – that’s a year-old pic of Jerry, sadly he’s much thinner now, indeed is having a distinctly off day today. This always make me worry it might be the last one…


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