Fig leaf look a bit threadbare

John Howson

It didn’t take long for the national press to take up the issue of teacher supply in 2016. The Observer, a paper that has carried several stories about teacher supply over the past few months, including covering my evidence to the Select Committee in last Sunday’s edition, has highlighted the concerns of Sir Michael Wilshaw about recruitment in coastal and deprived areas expressed in his annual report. The reporters also highlight Labour’s issues with the DfE statistics, including both the inclusion of Teach First numbers being included in the annual census of trainees and the presentation of vacancy numbers based on data collected in November.

As Sir Michael Wilshaw demonstrated in his last annual report, even the DfE figures, collected at the most favourable time of the year, have been going in the wrong direction over the past few years. It is not the fault of civil servants that the…

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One thought on “Fig leaf look a bit threadbare

  1. John Howson, a friend of my late husband Andrew, has years of experience in education, and talks more sense about it than anyone else I know. If you want accurate facts and inspiring ideas about education, follow John’s blog.


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