Yes I am writing –

slowly.  The sun shining into the study makes a welcome change, and contributes to those steps – rather small ones today, but nevertheless steps – towards the building of coherent chunks of prose.

But everything is coloured by the little cat in the bunk-bed opposite my desk.  Jerry retired here in December from his bed(s) strategically placed downstairs, and has definitely chosen it as a safe final home.  He is still content and loving, but definitely weakening – who knows how long he’ll be with me now?  He’s only half the size he was 18 months ago in this picture.  As long as he’s pain-free and restful I have no desire to urge him to hurry out of the world, and neither does his vet.  Makes me sad, though.

Keith pic 7

One thought on “Yes I am writing –

  1. Sounds like Jerry’s at peace with the world and happy – and at least he gets to have lots of quality time with you in the study/cat bedroom :-).
    My elderly dog Benji’s gradually getting more and more decrepit but is still in relatively good health and enjoying his walks and barking at people who dare to come into the courtyard – pets can teach us so much about making the most of life’s pleasures. The tranquility of advanced age is something we all eventually face in some shape or form, even if it’s not our own – for writers it’s got it’s positive lessons and inspiration of course (((hugs))).


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