No website is perfect

but one of the things that niggles me most about LinkedIn is its refusal to recognise that some of us may have studied at institutions that have since closed – or in the case of Bedford College London, been forcibly closed.  My education record on LinkedIn is thus skewed and inaccurate.

I read English at Bedford from 1967-1970 and was taught by a star Faculty-  as Yeats puts it in another context ‘All the Olympians – a thing not seen again.’

Indeed, one of the best things that ever happened to me was failing my Oxford entrance exam – Bedford was my 2nd choice, and suited me admirably.

Here’s a picture of The Holme, where the English Department lived in the days we thought would never end. *Sigh.*


2 thoughts on “No website is perfect

  1. Hi Sue – LinkedIn’s not very ‘intuitive’ but you can add and edit sub-categories to your profile. I went to Camberwell College which has since formed a ‘super-university’ group and if I re-entered it keeps trying to put the University of Arts London (along with The Slade and other worthy establishments) BUT I can override it using the edit function and sImply have it show as Camberwell College OR Camberwell College (University of the Arts London), even though it won’t come up with it as an official option. 😉


    1. Thanks medear, I’ll have a look – if I enter Bedford College I get the one in Luton, and University of London doesn’t offer it – it’s been gone since 1986! Will perhaps have one more go, though xxx


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