Strange worlds

are not just the ones you find in fantasy and science fiction.  I’m conscious that I’m living in a very strange world these last few days; not going out much, just for essential swimming and shopping.  Reading a lot, writing a lot; but mainly focusing on the closing down world of my little cat.  He’s weakening a lot now and I can’t see how I can avoid at least consulting the vet on Monday, if it goes that long. (She agreed with me two months ago that ‘take him home and spoil him’ was the only way to go.)

Ever since then, probably longer, my main topic of conversation, or more accurately monologue at dazed hearers, has been Jerry’s health.  I’m constantly texting my poor family with ‘he’s very bad’ and then ‘he seems a bit better.’  They are very patient with me.

But this last four days there is no denying it’s a matter of gradually worse.  Having promised to look after him to the end, that’s what I intend to do, but the awful responsibility with animals who share your lives, is being sure of the right moment.

Strange days.

Jerry Jan 2015 3


2 thoughts on “Strange worlds

    1. Thanks my dear, hugs are always good. That pic is almost exactly a year old, he’s much skinnier now but doing OK, in the circs – who could do more?


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