Getting there

Drawing near to the end of reworking my paper on Tolkien – the trouble is, when you’ve edited and re-edited, read and re-read, you can’t see the meaning for the words any more. Eagle and Child

Hoping it will be accepted this time, and I can get on with ‘The Dry Well.’

desert sandstorm

5 thoughts on “Getting there

    1. That’s very kind of you Simon and I may take you up on it (I had some useful feedback as well as the one very rude one) but first my daughter is going to tackle it (she’s good) – maybe if she has doubts I could send it to you next? It’s been rejected by Tolkien Studies and by the online journal whose name always escapes me! I’ m not surprised as it was rambling – I’d just got it off the ground and moving the day before my husband was taken ill, couldn’t look at it for a year after he died, and then couldn’t get to grips. But it’s no good expecting peer reviewers to know or take account of these things. Can I hold you in reserve in case I need a second opinion after Caitlin?


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