and thanks to you nice people who have just started following my blog.  I really appreciate your interest.

Blogging is new venture for me, and I have been known to refer to the Blogosphere as the Blogosfear.

What I want from my blog is to make more people aware of my books, obviously; and I’m quite pleased with the pages I’ve created here to introduce people to them.  But please please let me know of any ideas you have to further that aim – what do you like about the blog so far, what do you think it needs?  I’m swimming around in what feels like this;

empty sea

I write about the books, I reblog fellow-authors’ posts, I write about the cat…. but I get few followers and fewer comments.  Partly this is down to a belief that I don’t have enough techie skills, but that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.  For example, I invited you all yesterday, after months of blogging, because I’d just discovered it was possible to do that.

Comments please, and honest with it! help me see land ahead and swim to it!

Bigbury sky for Rita


6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. (((Hi, m’dear!)))
    It takes time to build up a rapport and grow is the succinct answer. Don’t be misled by the ‘thousands’ of other blog’s followers – I apparently over have 3000 of them, but do I ‘see’ hide or hair of ’em once in a blue moon? The answer is a resounding ‘noooooo!’ I’ve got a handful of ‘regulars’ and another smattering of occasional posters/re-bloggers who I’d recognise from Adam. 😦

    The ‘easiest’ way to get people to follow (and post to) your blog is to consciously go out and post/re-blog on their blogs – or (horrors) tweet or FB their posts. They’re likely to follow you back if you make the interaction engaging (not ‘froo-froo’ in other words).
    It certainly does help to use some kind of network as well so you can hit the share buttons to which also gets you noticed for doing some traffic re-direction, especially if you’re picky who you follow and choose people you’ve got a lot in common with, and, more importantly who are likely to respond to courtesies personally. 😉
    I know Twitter and FB are a chore at times, but blogging’s not dissimilar when you want to broadcast yourself – you don’t have to ‘like’ everything and everybody who calls on you (for my 3000 odd followers I only follow 46 people, which I know sounds a lot, but that’s built up over a year or so and they’re all people I do know ‘away from the blog’ to some degree).

    Belonging to an online community also helps a lot too as it gives you access to lots of people who share an interest. The more connections you make, the more interest you can ‘lure’ into more intimate, bloggie settings – just choose somewhere you know can handle in terms of how much action you can handle! 😉

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    1. All sound advice as ever Jan medear – I find LinkedIn increasingly opaque, happy with FB, slowly getting more of a hang of WordPress and Goodreads. Maybe I shouldn’t apologise for posts about the cat or the primroses, it’s possible to make them interesting after all. I don’t think I’m doing too bad today given that my brain is still befuddled by yesterday’s sedative….


  2. I love the facelift you’ve given your website. Perhaps alter your header image? (banner) The map looks quite contorted at that size. You could have text maybe as well (Sue Bridgwater – Co-author of the Skorn series?) in the font used for the new book covers? As Jan said connecting with others is a great way of getting noticed (like in DreamWorlds Publishing.) Consider researching book bloggers who may feature your book to their followers and you may garner reviews as well. If you become involved in more anthologies or send excerpts to bloggers or stories to literary magazines they usually allow a by-line and link (to your website maybe?)

    Good luck 🙂


    1. Brilliant, thanks – I will look into all your suggestions. I rather like the map, I meant it to be as close as possible to horizontal so as to look like a mysterious land you could travel across – however, changing the banner now and then is not a bad idea, I do realise. Focusing on Skorn rather than on my name was also meant to be mysterious and alluring, but again a rethink might not hurt. I’ve published 50 posts now, they tell me, so that’s a landmark. Maybe I should look at freshening the banner when there’s another significant date, 1st anniversary or something? Thanks for all your support.

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  3. Yes, just suggestions, and we all make them to each other – sometimes another writer’s approach can really open your eyes, and shift the way you do things; at other times you may feel, ‘That’s not for me.’ It all helps though.


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