What’s it like

writing with someone else?

This is another question I’m frequently asked, since the majority of my fiction to date has been written in collaboration with Alistair McGechie.

A common variation is ‘How can you possibly write with someone else?’

When I was starting out as a fiction writer, I hardly knew how to respond to the question.  To me, and I believe to Alistair, it seemed so enormously helpful to have someone else to work with, even in the days before emails could shift around huge amounts of draft work, and there had to be meetings to go through sheets of stuff with red pens. There’s always someone expecting you to finish Ch. 2 by Wednesday, so they can get Ch. 3 started.  So on days when you feel you can’t possibly write a word, that sense of commitment kicks in.

Of course many team-writers disguise their status by adopting a single nom de plume,  quill-pen-ink Ellery Queen being one of the most notable.

Perhaps this is one of the chief ways that the Web has democratised the act of creating written works; collaboration in writing, editing, publishing is so much easier now.  I know I rely not only on Alistair as Co-Author, but on my family and friends as collaborators in the wider aspects of turning ideas into books.

Thanks everyone – you know who you are, and as soon as I’ve mastered widgets I’ll list you on my page!


2 thoughts on “What’s it like

    1. Quite pleased with myself though some puzzle me a bit. Can’t work out where to find my Goodreads member ID number to make that link. And can you link to anything you fancy, or just pre-set widgets?


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