Two of my characters are inside a mysterious building inside another building, and there are no doors or windows visible to get out.  On the other hand, it’s a nice place and each of them is currently in blissful sleep, recovering from some bad stuff they’ve been through.  How to get them out?  Answers welcome!

(This structure stands at the heart of the building within the building)

Temple of Iranor


6 thoughts on “Help!

      1. Aaarghg! Currently allowing the deeper recesses of the brain to idle along in cogitatory mode – it’ll get there.


  1. I wonder how they entered ?
    As they are asleep and I am assuming they went through the bad stuff together ? At the heart of the building in a dimension/realm ,whatever ? They must encounter something in their own hearts something healing which sets them free externally. Something within a shared dream shows them the way out. Something they could not see externally before the internal encounter the magic of the peaceful place itself.

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    1. Goodness, you’ve followed exactly the path I was starting to walk along. I don’t want to start using the sort of ‘magic’ that blows things up when they are in the way – sometimes things are in the way for a reason. Don’t want to create a spoiler by explaining how they got in, but you’re quite right about the best way for them to get out.

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