Time (continued)

This poem is not so easy to share. It was the first one I wrote after my husband’s sudden death in July 2013. It bounces off the phrase ‘Time is a great healer’, which is so clearly untrue. In fairness, very few people used the expression to me after Andrew died, but when they did it felt like a cold grip around my heart and made me feel so much worse. The poem surfaced more or less complete one day. A step in the direction, I suppose, of what people call ‘recovery’, but that’s not the right word either. Enough of that, I’ll let the poem speak.

…daily Time sits stolid
on the porch bench
gazing west.

…nightly He sits silent
in the chair He emptied
staring down to hide

His eyes.
but I know they are dark
with unconcern.

…always He looks away,
He has no interest in healing.

He has no interest at all.

He sits, stolid.



2 thoughts on “Time (continued)

  1. Powerful words ! I myself have always liked to believe this statement to be true as over time I have found great healing but I guess it is not from time it’s self that this healing stems only with in it’s boundaries which it takes place. Perhaps I am confusing transformation and growth with healing.
    Just because something becomes easier to deal with or manage doesn’t actually make it better.
    So this is one of those explanations which Mr Pratchett calls lies to children I suppose ?
    The image suits the words very well as the word I am left with on reflection is erosion and although the passing of time may leave us with some beautiful new forms some old ones are forever lost never to be re made and things need to be restored in order to be truly healed.

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    1. Yes, to everything you say! I think this is about personifying Time, which just is, it’s time, not a being with aims and objectives. The vision i had that day of Time just sitting there not caring, while |I had to find the strength in myself to live with the unhealable, has never left me. I feel a series of time-related blog-posts coming on!


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