Time and Tide wait for no-one


Interesting one this; if Time, the personification, is a meaningless concept as we discussed yesterday, it can’t ‘wait’ any more than it can ‘heal’ – it can’t do anything.

Tide, however, I used vaguely to suppose was something to do with the sea – hence the illustrations. I’m sure it’s actually to do with circumstance, events, things that betide.

Those things too are surely unable to wait for us? Life, they say, is what happens while you’re making plans. And while time is just sitting there being time. Each single event that betides us grows out of such a complex of other events, plans, accidents, meetings, failures to meet, bad translations, broken-down vehicles, power-cuts – whatever.

No things and few people are actually waiting for us. We need to be thankful for those who are, and for the rest, we have to sometimes wait and see and sometimes to act. It’s knowing the difference that’s the interesting bit.



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