Time in Skorn

Perian cover pbk

Skorn relies on a trick about Time that is commonplace in fantasy fiction; there is a ‘place’ outside of Time, and there were events ‘before time’ – or at least before time began to be measured.

All the story of creation, as detailed in ‘Legends of Skorn‘  takes place before the opening of the First Age, which is started after the creation of people by the goddess Iranor.

The two tales of ‘Shadows of the Trees‘ and ‘The Dry Well’ (now in preparation) are set in the Second Age.

Perian’s Journey‘, the first published tale of Skorn, now in its second edition,  is set in the Third Age.

So we have allowed our characters a linear concept of time, and a sense of the sequentiality of events, a sense of past, present and future. However, some characters dwell for a while ‘outside time’, and some lands of Skorn are not wholly accessible to they who dwell permanently ‘within time.’

Thus do authors have their cake and eat it. I wonder if it would be possible to write a novel set within a culture that has no concept of ‘Time?’

sample-shads DR Front cover

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