What comes after Time?

Keith pic 6

I wondered what I could blog about next, after my ramble through time. Sadly the subject dominating my thoughts and feelings today is self-selecting – my old cat Jerry is definitely weakening after many months of slowly-failing kidneys and slowly-growing lump on one of those kidneys.

I’m torn between hoping he’ll make his 19th birthday on March 30th and desperately hoping I’ll notice in time when it becomes too much for him. He’s eating far less and sleeping far more, but enjoys cuddles and being brushed and shows no sign of being in pain.

However many times you go through this endstage with pets, it gets no easier.

I’ve been writing a bit but it’s hard to concentrate.



2 thoughts on “What comes after Time?

  1. I think (believe, I suppose) that bliss comes after time – nothing to do, nowhere to go, just comfortable non-existence with the happiness we contain. Jerry’s looking pretty happy and I’m sure he’ll give you a gentle nudge when his time comes around.

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    1. yes, I tell myself most of the time that he’s contented – he’s just kind fading slowly. It’s me that’s anxious about it, not him. 😦


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