Fantasy Fiction Conference Alert!


Wroclaw market square


may I inform you about a coming conference which looks like of interest for you?
Distant participation is possible)

School for Philology of HSE (Moscow)
Russian-Polish Institute (Wroclaw)

International and interdisciplinary conference

Wroclaw, Poland
18–19 April, 2016


Fantasy literature and its status as genre has been long discussed yet the topic is long from being solved. Restating the question, we would like to seek the definition of fantasy literature through analyzing its nearest companions and their connections.

We welcome abstracts for several proposed panels (you may also submit a topic not covered by these):

1) How does fantasy novels work and how are they being created?
– inner/outer symbolism of fantasy literature: is it cultural codes or a self-organized structure?
– are these many texts or one text?
2) Psychology of fantasy literature out of its borders
– language as aspect of fantasy novels: to define the unnamed
– fantasy worldview transferred: into cinema, subculture etc.
3) Fantasy and fantastic literature: do they describe one and the same or different world models?
– To depict and explain Eternity and Infinity
– Common topics for both ‘genres’
4) Fantasy and/or new mythology: ontological realism and mythorealism
5) Fantasy/children literature/initiative novels: frontier of mythological Search, psychological individuation and mystical experience
6) Alternative world or world of alternatives: steampunk and alternative history fiction: is this fantasy?

General time-limit is 15 minutes.
The conference welcomes those doing researches on the topic from philological, philosophical, psychological, anthropological, or other perspective of humanities.

Working languages are English, Polish and Russian.

Submission (up to 300-words in Word doc.) with contact details and affiliation, should be sent to and until 20th March 2016.
Questionnaire for the participants:
Detailed information about the conference:

Approved submissions will be published on the Institute’s website.

Selected articles will be published in a scholarly journal Yearbook of Eastern European Studies no. 1/2016 till the end of June 2016. Requirements regarding edition of papers are available at: The journal publishes papers in Russian, English and Polish. Submissions of full papers: until 8th May 2016.

Conference participation fees:
Participation fee is 220 Polish zloty for participants, who need Schengen visa (covers invitation required by Polish embassy, coffee-break and lunch expenses); 200 Polish zloty for participants, who do not need Schengen visa; 150 Polish zloty for participants, who will not come to Wroclaw. The fee does not include travel and accommodation costs and excursion.

There is also an excursion round Wroclaw planned in frames of the event.

Organising committee
Yanina Soldatkina, Prof., Moscow State Pedagogical University
Srbui Arzumanyan, PhD, UNIK
Danila Davidov, PhD, State Academic University for the Humanities
Natalia Samokhvalova, M.A., Higher School of Economics
Evdokia Nesterova, M.A., Moscow State University
Flora Ollomouc, writer
Irina Popadeykina, M.A., Russian-Polish Institute
Anna Zagórska, PhD, Russian-Polish Institute



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