Why do we respond to grief and distress by tidying up? I suppose it’s healthier than comfort eating, but since Jerry’s death yesterday morning I’ve been exhausting myself with sorting out and bagging things for disposal, mostly to charities.

It began with putting away the cat things for the time being, because I couldn’t bear to look at them. (Now I can’t bear to look at the empty spaces.)

It’s now extending itself into clothes, bedding, and towels that I’ve been meaning to sort out for ages. All very beneficial in the long run, but why is this a response to loss? I can only assume it’s to do with the need for order and control after a distressing change.

But I will do some writing this afternoon….


2 thoughts on “Organdising

    1. Lots of nice things popping up on FB about Sir Terry – but I am also thinking very much of Pete, and of you medear. xxx


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