‘In every wood in every spring

there is a different green.’ – Bilbo in LotR by JRR Tolkien.
And here is spring at last, it seems.

So my fancy turned lightly to thoughts of spring-cleaning. I decided to get rid of two single divan beds that have been around for far too long, plus their respective mattresses, plus two further single mattresses that need replacing.

‘Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.’ – Batman

He should try with a bed. I offered the local cat charity I support, the chance to do the job. I obviously have to pay someone, so why not them? They double-checked with the local council, which will not allow them to take such items to the dump in their charity van as they are not registered refuse disposers. It’s OK to use private cars (most of which, of course, are really well designed for carrying two beds and four mattresses.)


So I checked the council website, admitting defeat and accepting I would have to pay a hefty fee. But no. Why should it be that easy? Any items for disposal by special collection must be manageable by one operative with a sack trolley. Such items to be placed outside your dwelling in advance, operatives may not enter your home (I’m 68 with reduced mobility.)

My neighbour says she’s sure her husband will do it (she hasn’t asked him yet though.)

I really have run out of words……..


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