Try TeachVac: don’t waste money reinventing the wheel

This is such a frustrating tale – so often people with John’ s expertise have excellent ideas that could be put into action immediately, but they are ignored by the people in power!

John Howson

For me, the most interesting paragraph in the White Paper issued today by the Secretary of State at

is paragraph 1.36 that I have reproduced below

Recruitment: we will reform the National College for Teaching and Leadership, ensuring that in addition to delivering our leadership remit, we are better able to design and deliver well-targeted incentives, teacher recruitment campaigns and opportunities that attract sufficient, high quality new entrants to the profession, including those who are looking to return to the classroom. To reduce the costs of recruitment for schools in a more challenging labour market, we will create simple web tools that enable schools to advertise vacancies for free and a new national teacher vacancy website so that aspiring and current teachers can find posts quickly and easily

The text in bold has been highlighted by me. This is because, as many readers know, I helped establish TeachVac last…

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