The fickleness of spring


No sun again today, and remarkably chilly winds – why do we British have to go through this each year? We know it’s not going to be really warm until at least May, but the sight of sunshine in March gets us all overexcited, and in some cases under-dressed.

In my case it reduces my enthusiasm for almost everything, including, unfortunately, writing.

I currently have various groups of characters trudging over-heatedly through desert lands, and somehow it doesn’t feel convincing. How can I tell whether my deathless phrases will make readers feel hot and weary, when I’m personally rather chilly and constantly turning up the heating?

Sounds like time for another coffee and a lot more resolution.

Fortunately all writers are well-equipped with both!

march winds


One thought on “The fickleness of spring

  1. Certainly feeling the chill today – in fact I’m thinking about grabbing the duvet from the bedroom and having a hot chocolate over lunch!
    I’m in Rivendell with the writing so at least that’s working seasonally for me! 😉

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