door knocker
Waiting in – why is it so destructive to concentration?
I know what time the man is coming to measure for the spare-room carpet. But I don’t know exactly when the other guys are coming to collect two single head-boards for the recycling charity.

This is niggling, and gets ridiculous when I try to write; half my attention seems to be on the possibility of a knock on the door.

That leaves half for writing, surely that’s enough?

Well, deduct some more for blogging and visiting the daily round of websites, takes it down to 40%.

Wondering what I’ll have for lunch and when the next coffee-break should be…. maybe 35% is left.

Yet I cheerfully tell people that writing is my full-time occupation these days.

Are all ‘full-time jobs’ actually 30% jobs?

Guilty admissions on a postcard, please.


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