Day 2: don’t miss your chance of a free copy of ‘Perian’s Journey.’

Perian’s Journey is a short epic romance from the Third Age of Skorn, which follows the life of a man from childhood to death, recounting how he “worked and loved and lived,” how he achieved greatness, how his journey through life was long and hard, but good.

From the cover:

Perian’s journey begins high on a mountain when he first sees a beautiful flower at the heart of a dark thorn. It is to be a journey beset with many perils and filled always with contrast, as the forces of good and evil in the outer world mirror the successes and failures of Perian’s own life. In the classic tradition of the great quest stories, Perian encounters a wizard, a dragon, and high adventure; and also the betrayal and love, sorrow and joy, of everyday life. Perian’s Journey is both an adventure story told in spare resonant prose, and an interior journey, as a boy grows to manhood and confronts his personal destiny.

Reviews include:

Perian’s Journey is beautifully and absorbingly written, its dark moods balanced by its vision of richness and pleasure…… This narrative plays out the subtle paradoxes of duty and ambition, joy and sorrow, and of losing in order to win. Times Educational Supplement

This is a very sophisticated fairy story which treads a dangerous tightrope… It will take patience to get through to the real delights this book has to offer….it’s a fine story, very well told. School Librarian

… has the charm of simple lucid description and a satisfying legendary sequence of action and reflection carried out in a neutral direct prose… Growing Point

… symbolism is everywhere….with no clear or ultimate discontinuity between good and evil… The Inquirer…

Pool of Ending


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