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Offline Outings

Here’s where I’ve been during my sister-in-law’s visit:……

A whole Bank Holiday weekend with sunshine!



Sîan’s Monday mooch…

Siân Glírdan


I can’t believe I managed to snag this regular feature away from Jano! 😀 Somebody (it may have been Telly, I think?) pointed out that it’s my name on the masthead, so nar! nar!, and I get to write something at least once a week – promise! 😉

The Monday mooch – hope everyone’s familiar with the concept of the mooch – although my definition is probably more about just hanging around doing nothing in particular… Actually, maybe Jano should be doing this now I’ve seen what wiktionary makes of it? 😦
You know… the more I think about it, that sneaky elf has tricked me into thinking this feature’s a perk, because actually it’s going to be something approaching hard labour for the next few weeks what with getting the new book out…

blushOh, that’s just great, isn’t it?! … well, maybe she’s shot herself in the foot this time…

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How are you feline today?

What an overexciting day so far!

I pootled off to the cat refuge with a vague idea of seeing if two cats there who needed a joint home might like to come and live in mine. Sadly they took one look at me and said they didn’t think much of that.

So I prospected further and am now in a deciding period.

Option A:

Three old boys – one 18 and the other two 16 – just arrived in the refuge after the death of their owner. One has a poorly ear now under treatment; one has been dematted so looks a little odd; the third looks remarkably fit for his 16 years. Refuge is sending more details of all three, including medical, so I can assess how realistic it would be to look after them all. They are sweet beyond expression and terribly snoozy.

Option B: A single boy, aged 4-6-ish, a gorgeous pale-gold colour and timid but gentle. needs 1- 1 care or I might simply have all four!

My current plan is to take the oldies if it seems feasible, the single if it’s not.

Calling all cat people – what would you do?



Take the bus!

Congratulations to my good friend Eric Wain on the publication of his second book, ‘Stevenson’s of Uttoxeter; Celebrating the 90th Anniversary.’

Goodreads page:…

Venture Publishing page:…

If you are into transport history, this book must not be missed.

Eric's 2nd book cover

All behind!

When I decided to put myself down for 100 books in the Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2016, I expected no problems – I’m sure I usually read more than that in a year.

Thus was I deeply mortified a week ago to find that I was 3 books behind schedule! 😦

And even more so today to find that I’ve now descended to four behind.

This is close to unbearable!!!

Of course, ‘Four Books’ in Goodreads parlance can mean anything. Since joining the site – which I very much enjoy – I’ve discovered that a ‘book’ can be anything from ‘The Seven Pillars of Wisdom’ to ‘Hop on Pop.’ Indeed, I have seen individual poems and short stories listed as ‘books.’

Perhaps what I need to do is hastily find four very short books indeed, and read them in an hour or so. The trouble is that my books of choice tend to be moderately heavy academic tomes this year – something needs to redress the balance.

Look out for a greatly improved score!

Stacks of books


The Gladiator and the Guard

Here’s an extract from Annie Douglass Lima’s new book, to tempt you;

“I heard about a few different travel options,” Ricky told them. “But there’s one that seems a little better than the others. It’s not cheap, but it’s the closest, and I figure if you’re in a hurry to get away, closer might be better. I went to see the guy this afternoon, and he seems trustworthy as far as I can tell. He’s a third-year student at Brigantine University of Jarreon, over at the edge of town by the bay. We met at a café near the school, and he bought me an iced mocha, and everything. Seems like a really nice guy. He’s got a sailboat. It’s not fast like a motorboat, but it’s quiet, and he told me he has sort of a secret compartment under the deck where people can hide.”
“You didn’t actually see it?”
“No. He said it wouldn’t be a good idea for him to get caught looking at a boat with a slave. Apparently the Harbor Watch is pretty suspicious these days, what with all the slave runners who’ve been slipping through their fingers. He’s doing everything he can to keep them from noticing him.”
“But this guy has helped slaves escape before?”
“Yeah, I think he’s done it quite a few times. I first heard about him from a man I work with, who said his friend’s girlfriend’s aunt and uncle just got away to Tarnestra with this guy, and they called her to say they’d arrived safely, so she knew it was true.”
“Okay. Well, how much does he charge?”
Ricky hesitated. “Like I said, it’s not cheap. Four thousand per person.”
Steene felt his jaw drop. “Four thousand!” He didn’t have anywhere near that much, let alone twelve thousand for the three of them. He had been thinking of offering to bring Ricky along as well as a last-minute surprise if he could afford it, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen. It didn’t look like anything was going to happen, actually, unless he found some way to get a lot of money fast.
“Wow,” he managed. “Okay. Well, I guess it is a pretty big risk for him, so it makes sense he would charge a lot.”

Get it here;…

The Gladiator and the Guard
sword isolated on white background; Shutterstock ID 109466807

I’m back

from RAF Mildenhall.

This why I went;

The Mildenhall Register holds an annual reunion and I go in memory of my Uncle Jim (see my recent post, ‘Remembrance.’)

Bomber Command Memorial

Bomber Command Memorial, Green Park, London, UK