Whose Syndrome?

Sjogren's April


I see I’ve just missed Sjogren’s Syndrome Awareness Month; it doesn’t surprise me as one of the symptoms is a lack of awareness!

Sjogren’s features a wide variety of symptoms, all of them nasty. There’s a good link here to a description of its charms;


I’ve heard several sufferers speak of Sjogren’s as a thief – it robs you of energy and sometimes your teeth; it prevents you doing things you’d always assumed you would be doing at various stages in your life.

For example, I assumed that when I retired I would have a dog and go for long walks – not so. Even with a stick I can’t walk far at all. Fortunately I love cats too – they take themselves out, but enjoy cuddles as much as dogs do.

Since my husband’s death, I can’t manage a lot of the basic stuff in the house and garden that he used to do; thankfully I have kind neighbours, as well as a good gardener and a lady who does the heavy cleaning.

But surely reading and writing are OK? You do these sitting down, after all. But dry eyes and mental fog make both of them difficult and sometimes painful, while stiffness and pain are just as bad seated as standing/moving.

This morning I spent at least 2 or 3 times longer than is reasonable sorting out the chapters and development of ‘The Dry Well.’ I even found that a character from ‘Shadows of the Trees’ had sneaked in and given her name to one of the current characters! Thank goodness for ‘Replace All.’

If you have this condition too, my sympathy. If friends or relations have it, please read up about it and help them as much as you can.


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