The sun has come back!

Which ought to be a good without any mitigation. However, it does lead to gardening, which is problematic in several ways.

People with Sjogren’s can’t really garden very hard, if at all. I can’t do more than 20-30 minutes in a day, otherwise I’m unable to do any the next day. Which may be the case tomorrow as I’ve overdone it in my excitement at being able to get out there.

Secondly, when it gets hotter, anyone who has once suffered from shingles will find the heat trying as it sets off reactions in the damaged nerve and sensitive skin left behind by the virus.

Thirdly, when it was raining all the time I had a good excuse to stay in and write. Now I realise I could get a laptop but I do like a desk workstation sort of PC.

None of this is intended to sound feeble – I’d rather have summer any day. And I have just done a decent stint of novel after my garden work. There are birds dashing about the garden parenting as hard as they can and flying away from the bird-feeder in a panic every time I get near it. Except for the Robins, who seem to have handed down through their generations the knowledge that I am the food-lady!

Hope you are all having sunshine too!



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