Terry Pratchett

I’ve just finished reading The Compleat Atlas of Discworld (Correctly known as The Compleat Discworld Atlas, due to typing too fast without looking)

😦 sorry.

This was a kind birthday gift from my son and daughter-in-law, and I enjoyed it so much. Lovely to browse fascinating and sometimes even believable information about the Discworld’s regions, customs and – er – interesting attitudes to law, order, disorder and food, to name a few.

It’s wonderful how Sir Terry could get away with such really dreadful puns and yet still render you hysterical with them. They slide into your mind furtively and then explode into laughter-bombs seconds after you’ve read them.

I’ve also always loved his Tolkien references, of which there’s always at least one in every book. In the Atlas, how lovely to find among the former exports of S’Belinde the floor-covering known as a balrug. Made from the skin of – yes, that’s right.

Thanks Martin and Faith for the excellent gift!



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