All behind!

When I decided to put myself down for 100 books in the Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2016, I expected no problems – I’m sure I usually read more than that in a year.

Thus was I deeply mortified a week ago to find that I was 3 books behind schedule! 😦

And even more so today to find that I’ve now descended to four behind.

This is close to unbearable!!!

Of course, ‘Four Books’ in Goodreads parlance can mean anything. Since joining the site – which I very much enjoy – I’ve discovered that a ‘book’ can be anything from ‘The Seven Pillars of Wisdom’ to ‘Hop on Pop.’ Indeed, I have seen individual poems and short stories listed as ‘books.’

Perhaps what I need to do is hastily find four very short books indeed, and read them in an hour or so. The trouble is that my books of choice tend to be moderately heavy academic tomes this year – something needs to redress the balance.

Look out for a greatly improved score!

Stacks of books



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