How are you feline today?

What an overexciting day so far!

I pootled off to the cat refuge with a vague idea of seeing if two cats there who needed a joint home might like to come and live in mine. Sadly they took one look at me and said they didn’t think much of that.

So I prospected further and am now in a deciding period.

Option A:

Three old boys – one 18 and the other two 16 – just arrived in the refuge after the death of their owner. One has a poorly ear now under treatment; one has been dematted so looks a little odd; the third looks remarkably fit for his 16 years. Refuge is sending more details of all three, including medical, so I can assess how realistic it would be to look after them all. They are sweet beyond expression and terribly snoozy.

Option B: A single boy, aged 4-6-ish, a gorgeous pale-gold colour and timid but gentle. needs 1- 1 care or I might simply have all four!

My current plan is to take the oldies if it seems feasible, the single if it’s not.

Calling all cat people – what would you do?




3 thoughts on “How are you feline today?

  1. Impossible to give anything but practical opinion, which the heart will overrule anyway. I’d be drawn to the young chap myself (I still miss my Tigger after more than 25 years) but the old boys sound lovely too.

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  2. I’d probably take the two old guys, despite the fact that in the natural course of things they don’t have many years left. The odds that I’ll outlive them increase… a good thing for them if not for me. And the odds are better that someone else will take the 4-6-year-old rather than the elderly brothers.

    On the other hand, of course, if the younger cat can live with the other two and I’m feeling lucky and long-lived myself, I might go for it and adopt all three!

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    1. All 4! there’s 3 oldies…. young chap a bit overfaced by other cats, it appears. So it’s either/or. I feel the oldies would be a delight, if perhaps hard work. 🙂


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