The week that hasn’t happened; opening and closing doors

So far this week the theme of my life seems to have been plans that don’t work out.

Monday, the last day of my sister-in-law’s visit. We had a quiet morning and decided an afternoon at the beach would be a good last outing. ‘I’ll just drop into the shop on the way to use the cash machine and buy some bananas.’ Machine out of order, bananas sold out.

Tuesday. The Man Who Does My Trees due to arrive at 9 to deal with two jobs. Arrived at 3 and dealt with one.

Wednesday. Morning to be a supermarket trip, afternoon I was to take my neighbour’s daughter for an annual eye-test as I was also going for mine. Morning – car doesn’t start, need new battery. Afternoon – neighbour takes self and daughter to optician. Evening – new battery fitted.

Thursday. Appointment with Osteopath plus delayed trip to supermarket planned. Osteopath unable to keep appointment for reasons that make sense to me. Stay in and do some writing, including blog about plans falling through and doors opening/closing.

Friday should be swim followed by long-overdue supermarket trip, but I think I hear the whisper of phantom doors practising their swings.

What becomes of all the things that didn’t happen? If there’s anything in the theory that in fact at every choice or occurrence the universes split and everything happens somewhere, then one of me got bananas but no cash, another of me got cash and no bananas, another got both, another was trapped in the middle of an armed robbery from the shop ….. and that’s just one circumstance in one day.

Never a dull moment in the multiverse. What didn’t you do today?


3 thoughts on “The week that hasn’t happened; opening and closing doors

  1. In this actual part of the multiverse I’ve managed to get a start date for ripping down my old conservatory and putting a swish extension study/garden room with a glass roof! I’m very happy with that as I’ve also got about 60% more cash to play with than I thought so I can get a really nice mini-library too! 😀
    Who needs parallel dimensions?! 😛

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  2. Only if there’s a dimension in which one could point a twinkly stick at the conservatory and say – ‘Be the new thing I want’ and it would happen at once! Hope it all goes well medear.

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