Firstly, the cats. It’s wonderful to have the three old boys home, and I’ve never known rescue cats settle so quickly – as I write each is snoozing in what look like becoming their favourite corners (nobody slept in the nice cat beds last night!)

There’s a vet trip scheduled for all three on Tuesday morning; Mystic has to have the stitches out of his half-ear and his first vaccination. Felix and Fluff have to have their second vaccinations. Should be fun.

(Half-ear sounds like a Viking hero!)

Secondly, I’ve finished reading ‘Tolkien Studies XII’ – had forgotten that I would have a mention in this issue, albeit brief, so it was a pleasant feeling to run across Marjorie Burns’s summary of ‘The Steward, The King and the Queen’ on page 299, under ‘The Year’s Work in Tolkien Studies 2012’. Apart from the mispelling of my surname – a common error – the mention was pleasing, the article well-understood by Burns and well-represented.
Even the listing on page 252, under ‘Bibliography for 2013,’ of ‘What is it but a dream’ was cheering.

A good day yesterday. More to come.




4 thoughts on “Yesterday

    1. Remarkable for their advanced ages, but then they have’t had to be snake-catchers or anything! More household gods, I suspect, since in less than 24 hours they’ve fallen into the habit of being waited on – presumably their late owner was a mad cat lady like me!


    1. They’d be glad to meet you! We’ll sort something out when I’ve got through the quarantine after jabs phase….


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