Itchy cat

Day two of the cats was interesting. All three are basically very tranquil, and except for mealtimes don’t follow me about much. If I sit down on the sofa, Mystic at once comes to sit on me; the others obviously feel he’s the Godfather and has first choice in everything, though so far I’ve seen no aggression between any of them.
Thus I have discovered that as well as being irritated by the stitches in his half-ear, Mystic definitely has at least one tick. All three were treated for fleas and ticks before being released from the refuge, but I’m glad we’re going to the vet on Tuesday. I’d better start a sheet of notes for each cat.
Fluff is similarly confident and cuddly, though not at present very fluffy due to being de-matted at the refuge. I’ve never lived with a long-haired cat before so am brushing him each day hoping to keep ahead of the regrowth; I’ve bought a special comb too. Actually I’m brushing all of them as they have that post-cattery build-up! Hair everywhere…
Felix, who looks years younger than 16, is also sweet and cuddly but reclusive – he’s taken up residence in the dining room on the chairs so he has a den under the table (no-one has slept in the nice beds provided yet!) When I gave them their first meal in their new house, I found out that he wasn’t uneasy with me, but with the other two cats. He eats slowly, they eat fast then come to glare at him. I suspect that his being sick on the first night was due to trying to eat faster. For every meal now I serve his food in the dining room and close the door. The first time I did this Mystic and Fluff gave me such astonished looks!
This has paid off as this morning Felix allowed me to have a proper relaxed cuddle with him for the first time (and yes, he seems to have a tick as well!) Hopefully he’s beginning to feel he has someone on his side. However, when Mystic got up and gently nosed him, he hastily left.
None of them has come to find me when I’m upstairs in the study – they are ridiculously at home and contented after such a short time.
Someone is pooing on the floor, unfortunately, but we’ll get over that. I suspect Fluff. All I know of their previous home is that their Mum died recently, and maybe if she was unwell for a while as well as being very elderly, their routing went adrift. One day at a time, anyway.
zzzzzzzzzzzz from the cats!


4 thoughts on “Caturday

    1. Bad cats! I’m taking it slowly as they’ve just had two upheavals in less than a month. On the whole we’re settling down together pretty well. They seem quite happy in the lap of luxury 🙂


    1. Well I like them too. We’re doing pretty well, of course I have to get them all to the vet for 10.10 tomorrow, after which a lie-down – for me! The main problem is they are ALL using the carpet to poo on – in spite of generous distribution of litter trays. Thankfully the wee is going in the trays. Urrrgh! But we’ll overcome that.


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