I’ve been realising for some time that the writing of a blog does not come naturally to me. I can’t seem to write blog-posts about reading, writing, literature, books – my favourite topics! – of any worthwhile depth or length. I seem to use up my allowance of creativity on my own fiction, reviewing and academic stuff.

I can, however, witter on about cats until the – cats – come home, so for the foreseeable future I’m turning this blog over to the mogs. Mog-blog.

Today I really need advice, so that’s the topic for Catalogue One. As always, the same will appear here, and on my LinkedIn. WordPress and Facebook pages, though with pictures on the other three sites if I can find something appropriate.

OK – help and suggestions please, from the wisdom and experiences of my fellow cat-lovers out there. I’m trapped between timetables and gut reactions.

As you know, I brought Felix, Fluff and Mystic home from the refuge last Friday, so a week tomorrow. They have settled well on the whole, remarkably well in fact.

Now, timetables – the printed forms from the refuge say ‘keep your new pets in for 3-4 weeks.’ So at least a fortnight from tomorrow before they can go out.

When Felix and Fluff had their second inoculations two days ago, the vet said they could go out after a week. So next Tuesday, then.

Mystic had his first of the two jabs two days ago, and is booked for the second in three weeks’ time, so on paper he can go out in four weeks.

What do the cats want? Mystic is 18 and bumbly and cuddly. I can’t see him fretting about whether he goes out or not.

Fluff is 16, and also a bit of a lap cat though more active than Mystic. May go out a bit, I think.

Felix is going stir crazy already. He is also 16 but if I told you he was 12 you’d believe me. The day my cousin and I fetched them home he was out of the basket, through the utility room and hammering at the locked cat-flap like a dragon in a pinch. He nearly opened it, and my cousin helped me put a heavy object in front of it so I’d have time to think. (Which is what I’m doing now, or rather asking you to do it for me.)

If I let Felix out next Tuesday, one week after the final jab, that’s only 10 days since moving here.

So what I’d like you all to say, is should I unlock the cat-flap, let Felix vent his energy and maybe Fluff get some air, before the time advised? Is it too much of a risk that they won’t come back after this short familiarisation? And is it a risk for Mystic?

Any and all suggestions very welcome, I’m in a dilemma, or possibly trilemma over this.


Aged cat 2Aged cat


2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE ONE

  1. Mystic has to stay in as the vet advises – Felix and Fluff know where their food’s coming from so I think it’d be OK for them for them to have a little supervised open air liberty – weather permitting! At the rate we’re going in this neck of the woods you should grab every 5 minutes of summer as and when it happens! 😉

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