Review: Classic Science Fiction, Volume 3

Planetary Defense Command

Classic Science Fiction, Volume 3Classic Science Fiction, Volume 3

I enjoyed this collection far more than Volume 2, even though both collections are from roughly the same time period, and each has a story about insects and a story about the Sun.

The Spoiler DragonThe Spoiler DragonThe Spoiler Dragon

N Day by Philip Latham (1946) — An astronomer at a solar observatory thinks the Sun is about to go nova, and tells everyone that the Earth will be destroyed in three days. He still spends about half a day obsessing over his career future, and even after that he spends time meeting with a university president and reading crank letters. He doesn’t go on a hedonistic rampage, or spend his last days with family, or try to make peace with his deity. My interpretation of the story’s ending is that he’s just gone crazy, and there is no impending nova.

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