Thinking outside the box
Thinking outside the box

Today we consider the sensitive matter of cats, their litter trays, and their complex relationship to them


Why do they keep pooing on the carpet?

Pussychologists insist that this is never to be taken as a deliberate act of willful dissent, a sort of feline dirty protest.

Certainly feels like it though.

I keep telling myself that it will all get sorted out eventually, and trying to look on the bright side – after all, 98% of urine is ending up in the correct receptacle. Phew!

But only about 5% of the rest.

Reasons – no excuses – for this are obvious. Felix, Fluff and Mystic are elderly cats; they have been undoubtedly though not deliberately neglected in the closing period of their previous owner’s life. They have been moved to the refuge and out again. Mystic has had half his ear cut off and Fluff a good deal of his coat. And Felix WANTS TO GO OUT! NOW!

I’m about to buy some magic spray-cleaner recommended to me by the cats’ Best Auntie Jan, that apparently clears away the smell of used spots on the carpet and reduces repeat soiling. Well done that inventor!

But I’m fairly sure the main trouble is all being cooped up together 24/7 (see yesterday’s MogBlog) and that tensions, nerves and thus toileting behaviour will improve radically.

I hope I’m right……


'If we don't use it, would we be stinking outside the box?'
‘If we don’t use it, would we be stinking outside the box?’

2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE TWO

    1. I begin to wonder! Certainly Oscar never pooed in the tray, but in some poor neighbours’ gardens. There are three trays disposed about the house, but the mind boggles at six. I’m sure when letting-out time comes, things will improve. How’s the doggies?


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