hungry cat Why are they always hungry?

In my now considerable experience of gericatrics I’ve been used to them having small appetites, diminishing as we go along.

Yet despite being 16-18 years old, my three are all ravenous for their meals and whenever I enter the kitchen for any purpose whatsoever I find myself wading through a sea of cats who have appeared from thin air.

I’ve tried explaining that I have other things to do there apart from miraculously producing bowls of cat food from cupboards, but they just don’t listen. Not even if it’s moments after the last meal.

Also, when I sit down for lunch or dinner – which I’ve been doing on the living-room sofa since I’ve been on my own – a ring of six wide eyes forms around me, edging steadily closer. I particularly resent Felix doing this to me as he complained so bitterly when the other two did it to him.

There’s a happy hour of peace after each cat- meal, usually with one cat on my lap and two snoozing on the furniture. However, I can’t keep stuffing food down them in order to keep them quiet, that would only exacerbate the problems delineated in CATALOGUE TWO yesterday, and probably lead to obesity and heart attacks (feline.)

Does this, like everything else, come down to boredom and will it settle down when the magic day for going outside arrives? One can only hope.

Did I mention they are sweetie-pies and I love them?

Cat eating 1

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