cat feed me 2

Today’s theme is ‘going with the flow.’
This does not signify a return to the theme of where bodily wastes should be deposited, as explored in CATALOGUE TWO.

Instead, it relates to the matter of why they always want me to feed them.

Yesterday their Best Auntie Jen braved the rain and crossed the road to imbibe Earl Grey tea with me. The cats flocked to her for cuddles and for exclamations of ‘Oh, they are sweet!’ (Well, they are.)

‘They’re still a bit thin, though,’ she opined.

I agreed.

‘Maybe you should just give them an extra meal for a while and see how they settle,’ this brilliant woman suggested.


Why didn’t I think of that? Dunno.

So today the extra meal plan starts, and we’ll see how they go.

All cats need nice Aunties, so far mine have met their best Auntie Jan and their Best Auntie Jen. They have others to come.

Lucky boys.

Ta, Auntie Jen.



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