I Do; Me Too

Today is a big day in many ways. It’s the first wedding anniversary of my daughter and her wife, for one thing – congratulations Caitlin and Julie!

For another thing, it’s going-out day – officially – for Felix and Fluff after their inoculations.

The sun is out and when I’ve finished my online and writing tasks, I’m going to see if Felix wants a taste of freedom. (I suspect Fluff will not, he’s almost as drowsy an old boy as Mystic, although he’s 16 like Felix.)

The only snag will be ensuring Mystic stays in until his own jabs are complete, but we’ll manage. I’ll let you know tomorrow how it went.

Unsurprisingly, things are much calmer now the cats are all getting enough to eat. (Well done Auntie Jen!)

I get to eat my own food with less intimidation, and the boys are less inclined to give each other those fixed stares that mean ‘You don’t need all that, do you?’

Of course I’ll be looking out for signs of overload, I don’t want obese mogs and never have done – it would be ironic to stick in the catflap once you’re finally allowed out.

cat flap 2

Schrodinger's Cat Flap, "Am I in or out?"


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