cat sleeping 2

Pawtrait; Mystic.

Mystic is 18 years old and white and black rather than black-and-white.

His face is half black, half white, and his right ear has been partly amputated; it’s still slightly crusty but on the mend.

His feet are all white, and his pads mostly pink, with the occasional black spot.

He’s an affectionate old gentleman, and loves to sleep most of the day in his doughnut, although he’ll have a cuddle now and then.

I though he would be the one who would not be interested in going out, but now that the catflap is uncovered he seems to have realised that Felix is being allowed through it, and comes to peer hopefully though from time to time.

I hope he’ll live for a record-breaking number of years, I’ve fallen for him already!

cat sleeping 1  MYSTIC


2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE EIGHT

    1. Hadn’t noticed that! They are all still a bit on the skinny side, but vast amounts of food are being consumed…..


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