Fluff is a long-hair, the first one ever to live with me. He’s 16 and very skinny and dainty, and when people see him they think he’s a lady. His face is half black, half white, with a really straight line down the middle, like the people in the Star Trek OS episode, ‘Let that be your last battlefield.’

Just at the moment he’s not looking his best, as he had to be de-matted at the refuge and the hair on the shaven areas is only slowly growing back.

He’s immensely sweet and cuddly, and has an enormously loud purr for such a little thing.

Although he’s officially allowed out now, he’s ignoring the whole idea in favour of sleeping on his chosen chair most of the day.

I love him dearly, these three cats are genuine heart-printers!

cat long-haired 1  Cat long-hair 2


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