Pawtrait; Felix

Felix is a handsome chap, a classic Tuxedo Cat who looks younger than his 16 years.

Like his brothers, he’s always hungry and always wanting to be the one on Mum’s lap.

These are the two main sources of friction among the three.

Felix is so far the only one to venture out; he’s clear of quarantine and likes to pop out of the catflap and nose abut the back garden.

It’s a fiddly situation still since I have to keep Mystic in until after the second jab, so I’m having to keep the flap locked, open it to let Felix out, then set it to IN but not OUT. I hope when it’s at last OK for me to just unlock it by day, Felix realises he’s allowed out without my presence working the locks!

Mad cat lady? Me? What makes you think that?

[I’ll be offline til Wednesday, take care everyone.]



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