It has been a good weekend. No, really it has.

The visit from my dear daughter and her equally dear wife was very welcome, and they cheered me considerably.

It’s just a pity that they also had to spend so much time helping me wipe up cat poo and air rooms and scrub carpets.

You will recall that the question of toilet habits has been vexed ever since the cats’ arrival on June 10th. Some progress has been made. Felix and Fluff are both allowed out now, and in a further ten days, Mystic will be able to join them.

Felix is now not soiling anywhere and using the litter tray/outdoors dependably.

Fluff still doesn’t seem to want to go out, so he and Mystic – still quarantined – are still leaving little deposits.

On Saturday evening last, I said to my guests, ‘It’ll be fine once they all go out, as long as no-one has diarrhoea before then.’


Poor Fluff had it everywhere all that night, judging by what we found when we came downstairs the next day. Then he did it again on Tuesday morning.

Steps have been taken, scrubbing has been done, access to carpeted rooms has been reduced overnight; but what I really need is to be able to open doors and encourage them all outside.

Now longing for (a)Tuesday, and Mystic’s last injection and then (b) the following Tuesday, and a family day in the garden!

But I still love them, that’s what mad cat ladies do.

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