Cats fighting by Stephanie Shapiro


How do I love thee? Not a lot really….

While the cats are not in a state of open war, they are not the friendliest beasties I have ever seen. Not to each other, I mean. They quite like me, I’m the food lady; and they like Best Auntie Jan and Best Auntie Jen and other nice visiting ladies who tell them they are gorgeous – best of all is two visiting ladies so everyone has a lap.

My previous two cats, Colin and Jerry, also adopted in their old age, were very cuddly and would form a disorderly pile on my lap and wash each others ears. I can sometimes cuddle two of the current three, when they insist, but I have to hold one apart from the other to ensure no physical contact, as this is always taken as an attack and I can get caught in two sets of claws! It’s very hard to read a book with you lap full of one cat and your arms full of another…

Feeding times, or the hour before feeding time when they start to prowl, are the main flashpoints. While I’m putting the food into the bowls, there’s a lot of strutting, some hissing, and the occasional thwack going on around my feet. Cats can learn a lot of things, but not, it seems, that they will always get fed and I will not give their precious food to one of the others.

Bless their cotton sox!





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