This morning Mystic rode calmly in his basket to visit the vet, where he had his second inoculation.

He remained cool and co-operative throughout, eyeing the vet in a superior manner as befits a venerable mog.

So in one week he can at last go out, and as he’s now seeming quite keen on that idea, it will be a relief. If you’re looking for my house after that, it’ll be the one with all the doors and windows open!

Not all the news is good, though. The vet agreed that Mystic’s ear has healed beautifully after his operation, but confirmed my concern that the original devastation of the ear was not due to injury, but to carcinoma. Lots of sun-tan cream for him once he can go out. The small erosion on his nose may or may not be cancerous, but for now is to be treated with reliable old Savlon.

I asked for his eyes to be carefully checked, as I had worries about his sight. There is some cataract in one eye, but his sight is currently OK for allowing him outside.

It’s good to know what you’re dealing with, and of course if you take on old cats this sort of thing is inevitable – if it’s not cataracts it’s kidneys.

Such a good old boy, I wouldn’t swap him for ten healthy kittens, he’s a joy.



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