This handy internet meme recently gave me the clue I needed to describe accurately the felinamics of my three boys.

Basically the ‘eldest’ who makes the rules is Mystic. He is actually the eldest chronologically, and despite his greater frailty and sleepiness and a slight tendency to fall over if he doesn’t stand up carefully, he can still quell the others with a stare and always look as if it wasn’t him when I look round at them if there’s a scuffle behind me while I’m getting their food. His face says, ‘Why hit me, Felix, Ize a poor old cat :(‘

Felix may be the same age as Fluff, but he’s definitely middle boy. He tries hard to do everything right, but can’t please the others. Sometimes I intervene and actually refuse to let Fluff on my lap on the grounds that Felix hasn’t has a lap-cuddle since yesterday. ‘And?’ says Fluff’s face. ‘It’s only Felix.’

Fluff is emotionally the youngest, by long practice and low cunning. Early in his life he got the idea that people said ‘Awwwww!’ to him a lot. He is very pretty and he knows it. He’s also on the lazy side and I know he’ll be the last one to stop carelessly missing the litter-tray and to go outside for that you go outside for. ‘Wants cuddle’ is his usual mute eye-statement, ‘Ize only a baby.’

All fascinating stuff, a set of three cats is certainly different from ones and twos. Don’t think I’ll ever go up to four….


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