Yesterday was a bit of a strange day from the beginning. One of those days when everything you try to do goes very slowly and never seems to work out as you planned.

Many tasks therefore went unfulfilled, including CATALOGUE.

From the cats’ perspective the morning was OK, mum went out to do whatever mums do when neglecting their cats, and they snoozed and waited for lunch.

After lunch trouble appeared in the shape of the window-cleaners and their ladder, turning up for the first time since the boys moved in. Consternation grew to distress and on to terror.

Despite knowing it was useless, I still tried explaining; ‘It’s OK sweeties, it’s just the window-cleaner.’ Very constructive.

After the guys went, everything went rapidly downhill and toilet training went – er – to pot. Mystic sprayed on a wall, Fluff pooed on a carpet, Felix hid under his dining table. Mystic then went into a decline and had to be lap-cat all evening, and I had to keep stroking him after his dreadful experience.

All much better today, and things are going back in the trays!

I’ve got so used to them so quickly, I forget it’s still less than a month since they arrived here – how were they supposed to know about people coming and doing things to their windows? And how could I have warned them?


cat scared CATS' windower-cleaner

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