Mystic has been under the weather for a couple of days. He’s thrown up, fairly neatly and not on the carpet, twice in 48 hours and looks a little sad. However, as he’s grooming, demanding extra food (I’m giving him less) and bossing the others around, I’m inclined not to panic yet.

I suspect it’s time to upgrade the cat-food, though. They’ve been on fairly basic stuff for their first month. (It’s their monthiversary today and I wouldn’t have missed a day of it. Well not many days, anyway.)

Probably, now they’ve sated themselves after all their uncertainties and upheavals, it’s time to start supplying the special food for delicate old cats. A slight tendency to leave some on the plate is developing, not that that’s a bad thing in itself. But I do need to take some account of their ages, after all.

GOING OUT DAY is tomorrow, and I am hoping for sunshine so I can spend some time watching them in the garden. Fluff could have been going out all this time, but looks through the window at Felix outside as if there is something odd, weird and reprehensible going on. Whether they’ll all cope with the cat-flap is an interesting question, and whether they’ll stay out or trot back in leaving me to gaze at the weeds is anybody’s guess. I’ll let you know.


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