What a difference a couple of days can make. The general air of being pent up and all on top of each other has gone, with cats ‘going in and coming out again like anything!’

And airing the house out properly has helped as well, though a slight whiff still hangs about – from the litter trays I hope, old cats do smell stronger. I’m still treating various areas with the magic anti-smell spray but that’s not too good for my asthma so I hope the fresh air will do its natural good work.

I think I’ve worked out why Fluff goes out, comes back in shortly thereafter and shouts at some blameless inanimate object. I think he’s announcing ‘I dunnit outside, Ize a good boy!’ Previously he would do that when he’d used the litter-tray just so I would know how good he was.

The only worry I have is Mystic’s nose which won’t heal with Savlon, it just makes it wetter. I suppose if it’s skin cancer nothing will heal the lesion, I may have to go back to the vet for advice. If anyone has experience of this I’d be glad of your advice too. It could well be just the position it’s in, since it dries up almost to healing then gets wet again when he decides to have a good face-wash. Also if anyone has found a particular brand of sun-cream good for cats?

Nil desperandum – he’s enjoying life in his own slow way.



2 thoughts on “CATALOGUE 22

    1. WWW is wonderful in some ways! My dream is to have the boys sitting nicely in a row for a group photo, but I’d better not hold my breath on that one 🙂


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